The Eternal God part 2

If there was one poet who really understood the eternity of God, it was the Catholic poet and hymn writer, Frederick WIlliam Faber.  He wrote:

My God, how wonderful Thou art,

Thy majesty how bright;

How beautiful Thy mercy-seat

In depths of burning light.


How dread are Thine eternal years,

O everlasting Lord!

By prostrate spirits day and night

Incessantly adored.


How wonderful, how beautiful,

The sight of Thee must be;

Thy endless wisdom, boundless power,

And glorious purity!


O how I fear Thee, living God,

With deepest, tenderest fears,

And worship Thee with trembling hope

And penitential tears.


Yet I may love Thee too, O Lord,

Almighty as Thou art.

For Thou hast stooped to ask of me

The love of my poor heart.


No earthly father loves like Thee;

No mother, e’er so mild

Bears and forbears as Thou hast done

With me, Thy erring child.


Only to sit and think of God,

Oh, what a joy it is!

To think the thought, to breathe the Name,

Earth has no higher bliss.


Father of Jesus, love’s reward,

What rapture will it be

Prostrate before Thy throne to lie

And gaze, and gaze on Thee.


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