My Abba

I remember a time when I had not this shoulder
To lean on when all was weariness,
When, burdened with knowledge, I was much older,
Before You restored my childlikeness;
I remember, Your gentle call to trust
Was out of earshot, drowned by clamour,
And these decaying handfuls of dust
Deceived me with their veneer of glamour.

I remember before these encircling arms
Had penetrated my wall of defence,
How cold the nights, and how many harms
Mocked my counterfeit confidence.
Before Your outstretched hand could touch me
To shelter me when I was frail,
Each grasping hand that tried to clutch me
Lacked love’s hallmark scar of nail.

But now – I am wrapped in a strong embrace,
All this has faded with dawn of day
And I’m staring into the kindest face
That ever smiled and kissed hurts away.
And the only reason I’d ever look back
On days that were lost and nights that were lone
Is to pause for a moment along the track
And erect my Ebenezer-stone.

And I’m lost again, only not this time
In the dark or the fear, but in wonder and joy,
And I don’t have to strive or work or climb
Or find some strategy to employ –
I am simply engulfed in all of You,
And the beauty of You fills all my gaze
And the well that is deep and living and true
Is bubbling up in a spring of praise.

For this is my Lover, my God, my Friend,
My Rock and my Castle, my strong Defender,
And no one from here to universe-end
Has a love so pure or a heart so tender.
And this is the King who will rule creation
With justice and peace we have not yet known,
So with nothing to give but my heart’s adoration,
I lay my whole life at the foot of His throne.


2 thoughts on “My Abba

  1. Oh that’s lovely. When I read the words, ‘And I’m staring into the kindest face
    That ever smiled and kissed hurts away.’ I stopped for a moment. My Abba, indeed.
    Thankyou. See you again!

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