Don’t make him come down there! (A script for Christmas)


5 angels, named Incredulo, Sympathico, Fideo, Jubilato, and Exultato

2 angels stand front of stage, shielding their eyes with their hands and peering intently at the audience.

Incredulo:  Just look at them down there.

Sympathico: (turning aside) to be honest, I’d rather not.

Incredulo: (nodding) Not exactly a pretty sight, are they?

Sympathico: Well here’s the thing.  I think they are a pretty sight.  But I don’t think they can see that.  That’s why they do the things they do to each other.

Incredulo: (pointing into the far distance, not at the congregation) Look at those ones over there.  What are they doing?

Sympathico:  I think they call it fighting.

Incredulo: Why?

Sympathico: (pointing at different groups in the distance) Because these ones want the land that belongs to those ones.  So they attack them and try to take it from them.

Incredulo: Unbelievable!

Congregational carol: It came upon the midnight clear

Fideo comes running in from the side.

Fideo: O my goodness, I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

Sympathico: What?

Fideo: All kinds of things!  They’re hurting each other, they’re hurting themselves, and they can’t seem to stop.

Incredulo: Unbelievable!

Sympathico:  Living up here, I never dreamed there could be so much pain and unhappiness.

Incredulo: Doesn’t God see what they’re doing?

Sympathico: Of course he sees; he sees everything.

Fideo: Don’t they realise how powerful he is?

Sympathico: I guess not, or they wouldn’t want to cross him!

Fideo: (Turning to congregation and wagging his finger) Don’t make him come down there!  You’ll regret it!  Just don’t make him come down there!

Congregational carol:  O little town of Bethlehem

Jubilato comes running in from the other side

Jubilato:  Have you heard?  Have you heard?

Incredulo:       }

Sympathico:   } (in unison) Heard what?

Fideo:             }

Jubilato: He’s going down there!  Everyone says he’s going down there to sort them out.

Fideo: Oh no!  I warned them!

Sympathico: They’ve had it now!

Fideo: I suppose he plans to destroy them and start again with a new creation.

Jubilato: Well, they’ve had it coming.  They’ve asked for it.

Solo or small group: Nothing will ever be the same again (Graham Kendrick)

Another angel, Exultato enters silently at the back of the room and threads his/her way through the congregation to the front, joins the other angels, then slowly turns and faces the congregation.

Exultato: (in tones of wonder) Have you heard?

Incredulo: Yes, we’ve heard.

All: He’s going down there!

Exultato: Yes, but have you heard the rest?

Incredulo: No, but we can guess.

Fideo: I warned them.  I warned them not to make him come down there.

Sympathico: It’s curtains for them now.

Exultato: No, no, it’s not like that at all!  He’s not going to destroy them, he’s going to save them!

Incredulo: Unbelievable!

Congregational carol: Joy to the world

Sympathico: So what’s the story?

Exultato: He’s going down there, but that’s not all, he’s going to become one of them.

Incredulo: What, a human?

Exultato: Yes.

Incredulo: Unbelievable!

Exultato: More unbelievable than you think.  He’s going to contain the whole of himself in one human embryo and be born as a baby and grow up among them.

(Incredulo’s jaw drops and he stands, open-mouthed)

Fideo: Unbelievable.  (Points at Incredulo) Incredulo’s speechless.

Congregational carol: O little town of Bethlehem

Sympathico: I guess we were all overlooking one thing.

Fideo: What?

Sympathico: He really, really loves them.  He would never destroy them.

Exultato:  It’s more amazing than you think.  He loves them so much, he would actually rather die than live without them.  And if that’s what it takes to save them, he’ll do it.

Incredulo: Unbelievable!  But it must be true.  Amazing!

Solo or small group: Earth lies spellbound in darkness (Graham Kendrick)

Optional: Sermon at this point

Congregational carol: Hark the Herald angels sing


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