Finding You everywhere

(written on a snowy day out in Andover and Salisbury)

You visited me in the snow today.
Noiselessly You fell,
Your touch light and cool on my fevered cheek.
You whirled and flurried all the while
ahead of me,
obscured my path, inviting me to walk
by faith, not sight,
every step reminding me
to slow down – slow down.

You visited me in the snow today,
drawing my eye away
from the mundane, the low, the grubby
and up, into a blur of whiteness
falling relentlessly on me
unsought, unearned,
soft and slow
like loose feathers from some unseen angel
shaking his wings to drop a gentle blessing
on the world below.

Every flake sealed to my soul
the certainty of Your companionship
as truly as if Your footprints
appeared beside mine on the snowy pavement.
You visited me in the snow today.