Another Tale of Another Well

“So, Jesus, if I had been the woman you saw approaching you along that path as you sat, so hot and tired and thirsty on the wall of the well, how would the conversation have gone?”

“I would have asked you for a drink.  How would you have responded?”

“I would so much have wanted to give You a drink, enough cool water to fully quench Your thirst.  But I would have looked at my vessel and seen, not a large two-handled water-pot, not even a cup, barely a thimble, in fact.  And I would have lowered it and scooped up some water and handed it to You, embarrassed at how little I had to offer You.”

“And I would have looked at that little offering and seen that though it looked small in your eyes, it was made of pure gold, or to put it another way, true love.  And I would have shown you that if you had held it up, you would have seen that, having no base, it was not a thimble but a pipe and that the water flowing through it was infinite.”

“And then what?”

“I would have asked you where your husband was.  How would you have answered Me?”

“I would have thought it over first.  I would have reflected that not only do I have no husband, but  I never really had one, that I lost him before the marriage ever really got off the ground, and I lost him again when we divorced, and and I lost him again oh so finally in July.  And I would have wondered how to sum that up, and as I thought it over  I would have looked at You and suddenly realised that the answer to Your question, where is your husband, is – He is here, You are my true husband, the One whose bride I am, the One whose love is unfailingly faithful.   What would You have said to that?”

“I would have said, as Solomon said to his bride that I have set you as a seal on my heart.  And I would have said, as I said to Zerubbabel, that I make you like a signet ring, something that I wear at all times, and there will be no separation, no divorce, no death to part us, and my living water springing eternally up within you will make you fruitful in ways you have never been before.”

“And then?”

“And then I stop using the word would, because this is not conditional or hypothetical; this is the way it is from now on.”

“I like the picture of the signet ring.  When someone is wearing a signet ring, every part of the ring is filled with that person.  I like the thought that there’s no corner of me that You don’t fill.  Once that thought would have made me uneasy, but now it seems like the greatest possible security.”

“I like it too.  Because you think of My love as eternal and so it is, but the unbroken circle of the ring reminds me that your love for Me will never come to an end, either.”

This is the conversation I had with the Lord this afternoon.  If it has spoken to you in any way, why don’t you read through John chapter 4, and then sit down in silence for 20 minutes with no distractions, and ask Jesus the same question I asked Him – “If I had been that woman, how would the conversation have gone?”  Write down whatever He whispers to your heart.  It might surprise you, reassure you or challenge you.  If you are open to whatever He says, you might find it changes your life.

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