Assisted Dying Bill

Lord Faulkner’s Assisted Dying Bill is being debated in the House of Lords today. Supporters of this bill claim that it will apply only to terminally ill patients whose life is near its natural end. But there is reason to be very concerned indeed about any bill which devalues human lives simply because they are limited or painful. This is not an exaggerated Orwellian scare story – we know that already pressure is being put on families of healthy young disabled people to agree to “Do Not Resuscitate” directives. It was good to hear the much respected Sir Bert Massie on BBC tv this morning defending the rights of disabled people to be protected from the unforeseen effects of a misguided assisted dying law. Please take a stand against this culture of seeing limited or economically unproductive lives as disposable. Please encourage your friends and contacts to sign this petition so that we can make the strength of feeling known to the Health Secretary.


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