India blog – day 5

I woke up this morning with the ankle feeling much better, but still not able to put a great deal of weight on it. However, as the day has gone on it has improved significantly, and although it’s now swollen and a variety of shades of blue and purple, it doesn’t feel nearly as bad as it looks, and I was able to walk home from school this afternoon without difficulty or pain. God is faithful!

Since I wasn’t really up to walking to school this morning, I stayed home and worked on a training session on report writing. When I finished that, I was able to shut myself away and have some much needed time alone with God. I rather hit the ground running when I got here, and apart from snatched moments of being consciously present to God during the day, and about 15 minutes at the start and end of each day, I have been “doing” rather than just “being” since I got here. So I shut myself away with the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10.38 onwards and just reorientated myself towards God. It felt like an oasis, and maybe it took a sprained ankle for me to slow down enough for God to get my attention.

This afternoon I went to the school in the apartment block, and again I take my hat off to the teachers there. None of them has had any teacher training, so they have missed out on all the tips, shortcuts and behaviour management strategies that trained teachers are taught at college. I think they do as well as any teacher, but they have to work twice as hard at it. The head teacher has been up late all week setting exam papers, or typing up ones written by her teachers.

I spent the afternoon with the girls doing more of the embroidery that you’re all going to come and buy on November 29th. Despite their traumatic backgrounds, and although many of them have a long way to go yet, it’s clear that the home here is a place where real healing takes place at a steady pace. The only sounds as we sat sewing were the inevitable giggling and the sweet singing of Hindi songs.

I’m writing this tonight after our afternoon chai and before dinner, but after the meal, as it’s a Friday, instead of studying until bedtime they’re going to watch an inspirational movie. I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of my first week here. The time is flying past, and I think I’m definitely going to have to come back again in the future!


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