India blog day 8

I haven’t updated this blog for a few days. On Friday night I was struck down with a bug, with a very high fever, and I slept solidly round to Sunday with some pretty weird dreams in my fevered state. My hosts gave me medication to help control the fever, but I couldn’t keep it down so it didn’t do anything.

I dragged myself out of bed to church because I’m a firm believer that when you’re sick there’s healing in the body of Christ, so that’s where you need to be. But I’m sorry to confess that I slept through almost the entire proceedings.

Last night they took me to Saket City Hospital where I was given IV fluids and a drip containing dextrose and vitamins for energy. I was impressed with the excellent treatment. After some blood tests I was sent home with appropriate medication.

The rehydration had brought my temperature down, and I began to be able to keep the medication down. Several people have told me that the key to recovery from this bug is rest so I’m trying to be sensible. In my mind, rest included sitting with my feet up preparing material for the sessions I have to take, but I find that the stonking headache that goes with this illness is not conducive to staring at a computer screen. (For that reason this blog will be short and subsequent ones may not be so frequent.)

Well. I wasn’t supposed to be ill on this trip. So I’m not sure why I am, except that maybe God is giving me some time to spend renewing and deepening my fellowship with Him. One thing I have learned over the years: even when life doesn’t go to plan, God is faithful and can be trusted.

I did manage to go to the school and do some autism training with the teachers this afternoon, thanks to S giving me lifts both ways as I don’t think I could have walked. One of the teachers remarked that she had observed an autistic young man in their community behaving in all the ways I described, but now she would understand more why he did it, and what was behind his behaviour.

I came home and slept for two hours, then got up and wrote this, and that’s it. Next blog post as and when I feel up to it.


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