India blog day 14

I’m going to end up uploading several blogs at once as internet access is currently in short supply, so I will keep this one brief. Church this morning was wonderful – inspiring worship, warm fellowship, challenging teaching. I’m feeling better every day now although I did find my legs were still too weak to stand all through the worship.

E and S were out for lunch and didn’t return until teatime, so I had the afternoon on my own with the girls and had some lovely conversation with a couple of them, the one whose English was better acting as interpreter for the other. She asked me what my favourite worship song is and I attempted to teach her the song I really love – Chris Bowater’s “Jesus shall take the highest honour”.

E and S returned with a surprise for me – they had arranged for an interpreter to come for the evening so that I could share my testimony with the girls. It was a real privilege to share the journey that God has brought me on since childhood until now, and to be able to testify to His amazing faithfulness through it all. I was able to both tell them and show them that no matter what life throws at us or how we falter, His grace is there to pick us up, and there are no hurts He can’t heal. As it says in Psalm 91, “His faithfulness (not mine!) will be my shield and bulwark.”

It was clear from the girls’ questions and comments afterwards that God had really spoken to some of them, and I think the Holy Spirit was at work in one or two hearts as they went off to bed.


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