India blog day 15

My planned visit to observe the 3 children I’ve been asked to assess was cancelled at the last moment owing to yet another tummy upset. However, I had previously seen them in school and at church, so I felt I had enough information to give the teachers some solid advice. I was recovered enough by lunchtime to go into school and did a really useful workshop with the teachers on how to write individual education plans for these children, with realistic, measurable targets that can be used to drive their learning forward.

I was telling them stuff they hadn’t heard about before, so I feel it may make a real difference, both now and to any future children with learning disabilities whom they may teach. As my trip draws nearer to its close I find myself hoping I can come back in a year or so and see what progress has been made.

Tonight we had visitors – a team of 7 from a church in Lincoln who have come out for half term week. They had dinner with us, and E and the girls cooked up a veritable feast.

One of the girls has come up to me twice today to tell me shyly, in broken English, that my testimony really touched her last night. The first time she said she doesn’t usually pray in bed at night but after listening to me she went to bed and prayed. The second time I couldn’t fully understand what she was trying to say, but she was clearly expressing that God had spoken to her through my story, and she ended with the words, “I am very happy.”

Praise God for all He has done this few weeks despite my illness, not least what He has done in my own heart.


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