India blog part 7

The one part I forgot to mention about yesterday was that my little friend the storyteller entertained us again. This time it was a classic tale about a character whose name alternated each time it was mentioned between the little red hen and the little hed ren, and once again the audience were in stitches. I had the opportunity to spend some time with this young lady yesterday with E and S translating, and besides being a consummate entertainer it became apparent that she is highly intelligent. The circumstances of her life have been such that she has not had an education, but if she had been to school she would certainly have been one of the high flyers, and she is just so keen to study. I really want to see these girls get the education they deserve, but of course it is so much harder once you reach young adulthood and have to earn a living.

Many thanks to all who prayed for tonight’s meeting. I had a real sense at the outset of the gentleness of the Holy Spirit settling over us all. There were about 30 women present and I felt complete liberty to speak all that was on my heart without any diffidence or awkwardness. I am very grateful to my brave interpreter who had to say one or two words she had certainly never spoken in public before, in this culture where sex is not often discussed. The women were very open and listened intently and when an opportunity was given at the end for questions and comments there was such an atmosphere of trust that people felt free to share things they had probably never shared with anyone before. It struck me afterwards that whatever questions I was asked, and however my answer began, it always ended up with Jesus, and it really underlined to me that He is the answer to every situation that we can face. At the end there was an opportunity for people to write down further comments and questions, and many did so. I didn’t get to read these, but I know they will be dealt with wisely and sensitively by the person who collected them in. I confess I was surprised by the degree of openness and I thought it spoke volumes about the relationships of trust this group of people have built between themselves – a real example of what church should be.

Meanwhile, much French knitting has been going on, so here are a couple more pictures:



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