The January sales have come early!

From now until the end of January you can buy a package of four of my books – The Well is Deep, Sailing in Deep Waters, Glimpsing Glory Every Day and Poems in the Secret Garden for a total of £20 + £3.95 P&P –  a saving of over £11.  This is UK inland postage only so message me if you want them shipped overseas and I can work out the price.  Click on this link to buy the set of four books.


The Well is Deep  Fifteen year old Photini is making preparations for her wedding in the first century Samaritan village of Sychar. An idealistic dreamer, she has no inkling of the disaster that is about to befall her in the form of baseless accusations, public shame and a life of abuse and subservience. When the sudden death of her husband releases her from this living nightmare, it leaves her with a desperate thirst to be loved. This desperation drives her from one hopeless marriage to another until eventually she grasps at the only man left who she believes can truly love her – and he is another woman’s husband.  Who can rescue her from the downward spiral?
Sailing in Deep Waters  A collection of blog posts written over a period of eighteen months.  They chart different aspects of the author’s journey with God and ways in which she has discovered Him along the route.  Good for dipping into, or daily devotional readings.
Glimpsing Glory Every Day  More devotional readings, with thoughts on God’s faithfulness along life’s journey, celebrating His goodness in all the circustances of life.
Poems in the Secret Garden 
A collection of devotional poems to help you express worship to God when your own words run out. 


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