Insatiable Grace

Today’s post is inspired by a garden festival we visited, and the pictures below it will show why it gave rise to this train of thought.

Insatiable Grace

How much is enough?
How much is too much?
It seems there is a generosity
that is never satisfied with what it has given,
but must give more, always more.

A few flowers, scattered here and there,
would have given such beauty and joy to this world.
But not content with doing just enough
Your extravagance knew no bounds,
Your profusion no sensible limit.

This is Your heart, revealed in Your creation.
How then, are we so slow to understand
that Your grace is insatiable too,
and far from the nitpicking meanness
we have attributed to You,

as if You were petty as people are,
instead of the large-hearted Father
seeking how many prodigals You can find
to scoop up into Your love, and never satisfied
until there are more, and more, and more.

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