The Announcer

Horror.  It was an entirely new emotion for me.
But I listened in amazement and horror as He explained
His plan, and my part in it.
He would become one of them – one of them!
The great one become so small,
the glorious one so mundane.
This was the part that amazed me.
But then He showed me what would become of Him,
how they would treat Him,
and this new emotion, horror, wrapped itself around me.
My dismay at the woman heeding the serpent
paled beside this unprecedented shock.
And my part was to announce all this!
to go to Zechariah and tell him
he would father the forerunner,
and then to break the news to sweet and humble Mary
that she was to be Messiah’s mother.
And yet the horror was swallowed up in the wonder,
the genius of His plan.
Then He showed me, through the halls of time
(for, being eternal, we can see it all)
His reign spreading over all that is
and yet still increasing.
I saw kings and rulers drawn to the brightness of His rising.
I saw those who loved Him and had thrown in their lot with Him
also shining with His very brightness
and drawn to them men and women, children,
kings and queens, rulers of all kinds,
drawn to the brightness of their rising
and through them drawn to Him,
welcomed back to the Father who longed for them.
And I made ready to set out with these joyful tidings,
The horror vanquished by the rejoicing.

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