Acts 5.12-16

Picture the scene: every day at the temple, in the area known as Solomon’s Portico, all the believers in Jesus held a great rendezvous. And this was no ordinary worship service of the kind normally experienced at the temple. There was a spirit of complete unity between them all, and in that atmosphere amazing miracles happened, and even became commonplace, carried out by the apostles.

But after what had recently happened, no one who wasn’t a member of the group dared to go along. That wasn’t to say people felt negative towards them – far from it. Their reputation was very high among the wider community.

Gradually huge numbers started to join them, men and women who had come to believe that Jesus is Lord, so that more and more people were added to the group. It got to the point where anyone who had a sick or disabled family member put them on a mattress and carried them out into the street, laying them down in the roadway. As Peter made his way down the street, the bright overhead sun would cast his shadow on the ground.

It wasn’t just local people from Jerusalem, but also families from the surrounding cities. They brought anyone who was ill or troubled by an unclean spirit. And here’s the thing: as Peter progressed along the road, anyone on whom his shadow fell was healed.

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