Published works and current writing projects

Books published:

A Level Edexcel Religious Studies A2 Anthology Study Guide: Philosophy of Religion (published by Zigzag Education, 2008) (

Topical articles with Podcasts for the Edexcel Religious Studies AS level Ethics syllabus:

Topical articles with podcasts for the Edexcel Religious Studies AS level Philosophy syllabus:

a study guide to the Edexcel Religious Studies AS level Investigations syllabus (topic: religion and science)

More Than Just a Way (co-authored with Dr Paul Mathews)

Hearts in Transformation – 6 Bible studies for disabled people and parents of disabled children

Be a Roofbreaker:

All of us Complete in Christ

Who Matters and Why?  The infinite value of a human life.

A Welcoming Place: Autistic Young People in Church

Be a Roofbreaker – student edition

1 chapter contributed to New Life: Reflections for Lent 

1 song contributed to Merry Christmas Everyone 

A Church That Cares:  What does good pastoral care look like for families affected by disability?

Self-published books:

Poems in the Secret Garden available as an e-book for Kindle on Amazon (Published January 2012) (

Poems in the Secret Garden now available as a print book:

Sailing in Deep Waters:

The Well is Deep:

Glimpsing Glory Every Day:

Magazine articles:

Where are the Churches?:  Practical Caring 1991

Strangers in a strange land:  Disability Now, 1992

If music be the food of love…:  Practical Caring, 1992

The Hound of God:  Evangelical Times, 1998

The Faith of George Müller:  Evangelical Times, 1998

Of this and other worlds?:  Evangelical Times, 1998

C S Lewis: Ulster’s gift to the Christian world:  Ulster Christian, 1998

The legacy of Lewis: Woman Alive, 1998

Why can’t we keep it to ourselves?: Woman Alive, 1998

Taking verses like medicine: My Life, 1998

Loving a drug user: Woman Alive, 1999

Oliver Cromwell: Evangelical Times, 1999

Giovanni Diodati: Evangelical Times, 1999

My Father’s joy: Ulster Christian, 2000

Make room for the family: Woman Alive, 2000

A well woman clinic: Ulster Christian, 2000

Daughters of Sarah: Ulster Christian, 2000

God of all comfort:  Evangelical Times, 2000

A passion for souls: Evangelical Times, 2000

Clothed with Christ: Evangelical Times, 2006

Forgiveness: Woman Alive, February 2012

Grace and Glory: Evangelical Times February 2012

Out of the Overflow of the Heart the Mouth Speaks (inclusive language): Evangelical Times June 2014–the-mouth-speaks—-Personal-view/

Enabling Church Conference Report: Evangelical Times August 2014–/–/

Learning Disability Shock: Evangelical Times February 2015

Talented People Eager to serve your Church: The Tablet October 2015

A View Through the Roof: Evangelical Times, January 2016

A Wealth of Spiritual Maturity: Country Way October 2016

Ethics – Lord Shinkwin’s Abortion (Disability Equality) Bill: Evangelical Times March 2017—Lord-Shinkwin-s-Abortion–Disability-Equality–Bill/

The King is in the House – or not?  Evangelicals Now, July 2017


Besides this blog, I write once a month for the Association of Christian Writers’ blog, More Than Writers

And I also write a regular blog for Through the Roof

Work in progress:

Currently writing my next novel, working title Trepoltire House.

Doing the final edit of a book soon to be published: A Church that Cares – what does good pastoral care look like for families affected by disability?


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