New hymns

The cross of Christ

I stand in awe and gratitude
for all that’s mine through Jesus’ cross,
with glad and humble attitude
at what I gain through His great loss.

It saves me from the guilt of sin,
however wrong the things I’ve done,
cleanses and makes me pure within,
as righteous as God’s holy Son.

It saves from the result of sin,
from punishment I should receive,
it opens Heaven to let me in,
becomes the ultimate reprieve.

It saves me from the rule of sin,
no more to be a helpless slave.
The habits that had drawn me in
lose all their power and I am saved.

I feel the spirit of despair
transformed into a cloak of praise,
the joy of Christ’s unfailing care
illuminating all my days.

It frees me from the fear of death,
which once had held me in its thrall,
and as I draw my dying breath
I’ll worship Him who gave His all.

Through all my life I’ll praise His name
who bought my freedom through the cross,
who gladly shouldered all its shame,
and thought it joy to bear my loss.

King beyond all praising.

Where do I start to tell Your worth
my Jesus, so amazing?
From heaven’s throne to humble birth,
the King beyond all praising.
The skies display Your grand design,
the earth proclaims Your story,
the dazzling sun, the stars that shine
seem dull beside Your glory.

You knew this world before its birth,
You are without beginning,
You came to share our life on earth,
yet lived it without sinning.
How could the great eternal one
stoop down to join creation?
We leave our questions, humbly come
and bow in adoration.

There is no limit to Your power,
Your purpose can’t be thwarted.
and by Your word from hour to hour
the world is still supported.
We owe to You our every breath,
provision that sustains us.
You saved us by Your willing death,
freed us from all that chains us.

How can I show my gratitude?
I’ll bring you, for your pleasure
not just a thankful attitude –
my time, my wealth, my treasure.
No sacrifice too great to give,
I come in full surrender
to You who died so I could live,
whose love is strong and tender.


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