First and foremost I am loved by God my Father, Jesus my Saviour and the Holy Spirit, my ever-flowing source and spring. I have been writing professionally for over 25 years and am now doing so full time.  I am writing magazine articles, school textbooks, fiction, poetry and this blog.  The one common theme between them all is that I want to use my writing to glorify my God and King, the love of my life.
Since January 2014 I have been the Training Resources Developer at Through the Roof

Find out more on my Christian Writers Directory page: http://christianwriters.directory/rosbayes.htm cwd screenshot



3 thoughts on “About

  1. I have recently discovered your writing and am enjoying it. Currently I am working with a group looking at ‘Rumours’ – could you please tell me what the copyright is regarding using this?

    • I am happy for you to use content from this blog. Articles may be reproduced in any format, online or in print, on condition that they are unaltered, are for non-commercial purposes, and that the following copyright line and bio are clearly displayed beneath each article:
      © Copyright Rosamund Bayes: USED BY PERMISSION
      Follower of Jesus, author of a number of educational and devotional books, poet, teacher, mother of 3. http://www.rosbunneywriting.wordpress.com

  2. Ros, Ali Hull told me about your open letter to George Osborne. It make some great points, I’m a journalist (and a Christian) and would like to mention it to the nationals, probably The Guardian and Independent. Are you around tomorrow or Friday if they are interested? What’s the best number to call you on? Many thanks, Hazel Southam hazel@hazelsoutham.co.uk

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